Festival Review: Dastarkhan-e-Awadh, Infinity, Crowne Plaza

The art of cooking flavoursome and aromatic melt-in-mouth meal that satiates your taste buds is the essence of Awadhi cuisine. The uniqueness of the cuisine lies in its deep-rooted traditional way of cooking.

The khansamas in Awadh used to cook is special utensils for a very long duration. How about relishing the similar food cooked over low fire letting the ingredients to cook in their own juices? Yes! You can also relive the era of Nawabs as chef Rehman, a descendant of khansamas of Wajid Ali Shah’s era is replicating the original taste of food enjoyed by the emperors at Infinity’s Dastarkhan-e-Awadh Food Festival.

Chef Rehman revealed that while preparing the menu, he decided not to take risk with the original taste and tried to keep the aromas and flavours intact.

Festival Review: Dastarkhan-e-Awadh, Infinity, Crowne Plaza

Food Talk

The kebabs and grills are made to perfection. A few of must try’s include Kaale Chane Ki Ashrafi and Mixed Vegetable Galauti Kebab. These kebabs are soft and succulent and at the same time offer you a taste that transports you the opulent days of a bygone era. You can also try their Zaffrani Paneer Tikka which tickles your taste buds with a tinge of saffron.

Festival Review: Dastarkhan-e-Awadh, Infinity, Crowne Plaza

Moving to the mains, Nawabi Baingan Ka Bharta steals the show and stands out to be the star dish of the festival.  Chef revealed that he has prepared the dish replacing tomatoes with curd which gives it a creamy texture. Tamatri Paneer was also equally delicious as big cubes of paneer dunked in thick and tangy tomato gravy tasted well with the naan. The frangrant Mixed Vegetable Biryani left a distinctive taste on the palate.

Zafrani Kheer with almonds and saffron sprinkled on its top is the perfect way to round up your meal.


The speciality of the festival is that the buffet options keep on changing daily giving food lovers a chance to experience the wide variety of the rich cuisine.

Where: Infinity, Crowne Plaza, Mayur Vihar
Date: On till September 20
Timings: 12:30 pm onwards
Cost for two: INR 2,500 plus taxes onwards