Just Introduced: West Side Story, Rajouri Garden

With the opening of West Side Story, the ever-growing tummy of the famous Vishal Enclave has given food lovers one more reason to visit the bustling lanes of Rajouri Garden. The newly opened restaurant in the heart of West Delhi serves North Indian food with a bit of Chinese, Burmese and Italian to satisfy the taste buds of THE Punjabi dominated area.


Just Introduced: West Side Story, Rajouri Garden

The restaurant pegs itself as a fine dine restaurant where normal dining out is transformed into an exclusive dining experience with their luxurious interior and soft and comfy chairs oozing out warm and welcoming vibe. The soft lights give a soothing and exquisitely oranate feel to the diners. It has a live interactive kitchen and a huge sitting area to accommodate more than 100 people at one time.

Food Talk

The menu that has a lot to offer to satisfy everybody’s tummy has been smartly curated by the chef Amrita keeping in mind the diners of various age groups visiting the restaurant. Global dishes stand out to be the clear winner as Som Tam Salad succeeds to touch all the four tastes – sweet, salty, bitter and sour – on the tongue with ingredients like raw papaya juliennes, cherry tomato and sweet chilli dressing and Chinese Button Mushrooms are crispy enough to make you feel the crunch in every bite.

Just Introduced: West Side Story, Rajouri Garden

The Indian appetisers like Dahi Ke Kebab and Vegetable Tilla Kebab are mildly spiced and can be a good option to be accompanied with the bar menu. For the big hunger, Burmese Curry – a mixture of traditional vegetables served in coconut gravy – with steamed rice has sparkling flavours. The chef recommended Mushroom Rarah Pizza is an Indian version of Pizza which is done in an impressive way and leaves makhani flavour in your mouth.

Despite being a family restaurant, the big bar in the middle of the restaurant churns out some amazing cocktails and mocktails like refreshing Green-eyed Monster, sweet and tangy Mango Spice and all-time favourite Hot and Sassy.

Where: West Side Story

Cost for two: INR 2,000 plus taxes