Get Tipsy On Shakes

Remember when we were kids and the way our mom used to run behind us to finish a glassful of milk? Oh my God! Those were the days when we used to hate milk like anything. Her efforts to add flavours and make shakes with it, were commendable.

Get Tipsy On Shakes

Even today, plain milk does milk does not appeal to our taste sensibility. But yes! We have somehow developed a taste for milkshakes. So let’s give our new found love a try as the South African casual dining restaurant, Barcelos has introduced an amazing collection of milkshakes that are innovative and delicious at the same time. The restaurant has revamped the old and traditional way of drinking the milk with the introduction of 20 odd varieties of milkshakes out of which 7 are liquor based.

Get Tipsy On Shakes

I started with my all-time favourite flavour – mango. Their Mango Meets Banana drink which is a blend of mango, banana and vanilla ice cream was quite impressive. It was followed by Mint Cookie Shake and it was delicious and refreshing that craving for one more glass of it was unstoppable. But as I had to try their boozy shake also, so I thought of quitting the idea. Their Malibu Milk Shake, a blend of coconut rum and vanilla ice cream, made me go tipsy. The creamy texture with the taste of coconut and rum gave me a high. I also tried their other shakes like Brownie Shake and Peanut Butter Banana, which were equally good. They were too heavy for the tummy that I had to round up the day making up my mind that I will come back again to try their other shakes like Date With Orange, Cheese Cake Shake, Bubblegum Shake, Gems Shake, Caribbean Fruit Shake and Nutela Mud Slide Shake. Till the time I day dream about them, you go and check them out.

Where: Barcelos, Khan Market

Cost: INR 185 – INR 325