Just Introduced: The Common Room, Rajouri Garden

Remember sitting in a college common room, chit-chatting for hours, discussing everything from pin to plane, relishing your meal and showcasing not-so-talented talent in front of your friends. Needless to say, common rooms were the best places where we all have spent most of the time during our college days. Like me, you also might be having some unforgettable memories attached to this special area of the college. Relive those memories again as the newly opened pub, The Common Room, in the heart of West Delhi provides the same atmosphere and aura.


Just Introduced: The Common Room

The pub is dotted with small objects which will remind you of your childhood treasures that you used adore the most during your college days – books, novels, tape-recorder, tiffin-box, mic, trumphet, quirky paintings with wooden frames and a lot more. The creative interiors, a big bar in the corner and dim lighting provides breezy and friendly environment. The overlooking balcony will be a perfect place to chill in a wintery afternoons.

Food Talk

Just Introduced: The Common Room

The menu comprise of all delicacies that you must have enjoyed being a student. But they are presented with a twist and called by easy to recall names. Mesmerised by the fancy names of the dishes, the gastronomical sojourn started with Kandha Bhajji Ke Pao – onion fritters sandwiched between buttered bun and roasted chilli chutney. The spice quotient was very high, so there was an immediate call to wash it down with frozen mocktails like Kiwi Cucumber Sparkler which was refreshing and Litchi Capriroska, a combination of lemon, litchi juice and soda. Next on the table came crispy Onion Rings in three varieties – Thai Spiced, Chatpati Masaledar and Paprika Dusted. The crunchy and juiciness (read oiliness) of the onion rings reminded of delicious roadside oil-dripping tikkis.

Basil Pesto and Cream Pasta was delicious on the palette as pasta was perfectly tossed in right amount of pesto and finished with cream and parmesan cheese. Though the menu has very less options for vegetarians but still you can manage to fill your tummy with available varieties. The last dish that rounded of the mains was an experimental dish – Mexican Salsa Pizza. However it proved to be a good option. The cheesy pizza topped with jalapeno and spicy homemade salsa was paired with Strawberry Surprise – a combination of strawberry, pineapple and apple juice – which was too sweet that it will be perfect to be called as a girly drink.

No meal is complete without a dessert. Apple Kheer stood to be the star dish of the meal with mashed rice and cooked apple dunked in sweetened milk.

Where: The Common Room, Rajouri Garden

Cost for two: INR 2,000