My Perfect Cooking Guide – Dishcovery

We belong to a generation where half of the time we are busy day-dreaming about eating scrumptious dishes and rest of the time we spend instructing our cooks to dish out perfect recipes just like our mom. The youngsters now-a-days despite turning vegetarian and ardent food lovers lack skills of cooking dish to the perfection. The main reason that refrains from trying their hands on cooking is the sarcastic comments they receive for being vegetarian.

Many non-vegetarians believe that vegetarians have very less options to choose from. And to prove them wrong Dischcovery ( has come to the rescue of the vegetarians which offers a plethora of vegetarian recipes from all across India.

My Perfect Cooking Guide – Dishcovery

The website is a brainchild of well-known brand MTR, which has been in the food industry for over 90 years. MTR has become a trusted name in each and every household, so it automatically rules out all the possibilities of doubt on how authentic these recipes would be. Apart from recipes, Dishcovery also shares easy tips and tricks to master the culinary act and perfect combination of dishes to help you create an appetising choice of meal.

As we celebrate World Vegetarian Month, take a tour of the website and you will be surprised to find that from starters to main course to desserts, the website has access to unlimited recipes of different Indian cuisines like Bengali, Kannada, Punjabi, Gujarati, Maharashtrian, Kerala, Rajasthani and Telugu to name a few. The chef in you must be curious to try these recipes but do you know what are the perfect combinations of dishes that go well with each other? Fret not! Your best friend – Dishcovery – has the solution for that as well. It even explains the reason why one dish gels best with the other and makes the perfect combination.

My Perfect Cooking Guide – Dishcovery

By now, you have overcome the fear of cooking and must be all set to experiment, but a hundred dollar question curiously waiting for you is what is the right amount of salt you should put to enhance the taste of the dish. And while performing this balancing act we often end up committing mistakes. At times, the end result is that either quantity is more or at times it is less. And this is when Dishcovey becomes your handy guide as it shares on its website a simple solution to such problems. It can prove to be your perfect cheat-sheet for getting many other things right like shaping perfect modaks, peeling tomatoes without a mess, making super soft rotis and a lot more.

So, be it an ingredient history or an old earthen pot recipe, Dishcovery—the tell-all of kitchen tales—is just what you need by your side next time when you are cooking to please.