Hello Halloween

The scariest night of the year is here. It’s the time of ghoulish decorations, tombstones in backyards, spider webs, vampire, witches and ghosts. Dress up in scariest best costumes, pull out the fangs and the claws, real or fake, for a happy haunting. Set your spooky spirit free and celebrate Halloween in a wildest way as a deliciously eerie journey filled with spine chilling cocktails and sinfully lip-smacking cuisine awaits you at various restaurants.

Head to The Imperial as 1911 is hosting a special buffet offering sinful delicacies like Roasted Butternut Squash Bisque with Sour Cream, Maple and Clove Roasted Ham with Herb and Devil Sauce, Pumpkin Cheesecake with Pecan Crust, Savory Pumpkin and Corn Bread Muffin, Devilled Eggs, Spider Web Cake and a lot more.

Hello Halloween!

Qubitos is also serving hot favourites like Black Blood Mojito, Blood Curling Soup, Spider Wings, Crunchy Eye Balls, Bulls Eye Burger, Red Blood Mousse and Choco Zoombie. Just like every year, you can also relish Scary Meat Balls, Real Finger Sticks, Bloody Mary and RIP Almond Souffle at Elf Cafe and Bar.

Indulge in Scary Pumpkin Soup, Vampire Munchy Bite, Chicken Eye Balls, Monster Burger and Scoopy Dessert as chef Pankaj Rana has curated a special menu for the occasion at the newly opened Bailamos.

Nero, Le Meridian’s menu comprises of special munchies like Pigs in the Blanket, Pumpkin Parmesan Dip (Chimichuri Marinated Prawns, Basil Honey Chilli Dip, Classic Middle Eastern Skewered Chicken Kebab, Aioli Coconut Milk Marinated Fish Fingers and Chilli Jam) and Rest In Peas (The Great Yellow Pumpkin Rolls, Stuffed Sweet Potato Skins with Lime Jalapeno Hummus and Batter-fried Mushroom with Fig and Olive Tepanade) and drinks like Black Devil, Monster, Heart Attack, Snake Venom, Vampire’s Street and Bloody Witch.

Or hog on Bloody Mystery (combination of fusion vampire blood with human in house eating spices), Spider Nest (concoction blend of minty green crust with flavoured spider on top), and Devil’s Eyes (gol gappa shots) at Mia Bella.

Hello Halloween!

Monkey Bar is monkeying out evil delicacies like Hell Freezes Over (whisky, orange juice, passion fruit, mint and bitters), Horny Devil (whisky, sugarcane, cloves and bitters), Sour Mummy (whisky, lime, sugar and optional egg), Devil’s Fries (double fried potato batons tossed in ginger, garlic, chili oil and galangal), Funny Bones (pan caramelised pork ribs with a spicy paprika glaze) and Dracula Wings (hot, spicy, crispy wings with a blue cheese dip).

Apart from this, your favourite cafes are also all set to give you spine-chilling experience. Cafe Terminus 1 is churning out some of the spookiest drinks like Red Eye (vodka, triple sec, like and cranberry), Bloody Witch (vodka with tomato juice), Dark and Stormy (red wine, cranberry juice and assorted fruits, The Zombie Punch (scotch rum, grenadine, orange juice and lime), Scary Night (vodka lime, watermelon and fresh mint leaf) and Devil’s Horn (five white spirits with lime and cranberry juice and cola on the top). Even Cafe Delhi Heights has a special drinks menu with options like Vampire’s Eye, Black Magic Cosmopolitan, Bloody Lemon Drop, Blood Curdling Soup, One Night in Haunted Mandalay and Thrilling and Chilling Stuff.

If you are feeling too lazy to go out, then you can order Halloween themed cupcakes from an online patisserie, thebakers.in. They have four different flavours of cupcakes on their menu – Elm Street (dark chocolate with toasted marshmallows and chocolate frosting), Frankenstein’s Lost Brain (vanilla buttermilk cupcakes with vanilla bean frosting and raspberry preserves), Red Velvet Massacre (red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting) and The Evil Dead (dark chocolate Oreo cupcakes with Nutella chocolate frosting).