Just Introduced: Getafix, Greater Kailash 1

I cherish my life and love to celebrate each and every moment of it. Festivals make it even more special – from meeting friends to exchanging gifts, from decorating home to binge eating everything excites me equally. Out of all these, the only side affect I have apart from being happy is that I have become pleasantly plump. And now as I am out of the festive hangover, I am looking out for easy ways to get back into shape without compromising on my diet. So, when I heard about Getafix, a cafe where I can relish guilt free (healthy) indulgences, I could not stop myself from trying.


Nestled in the shopping heaven of South Delhi – Greater Kailash, M Block Market – this place oozes out freshness with the walls and chairs adorning cool yet vibrant hues of teal, lime green and yellow. The wooden look adds warmth and cosiness to the place while the vast window gives an airy appearance to the cafe.


The small inviting section at the entryway with a comfortable long back chair and an adjacent book rack on the wall is a perfect corner for reading while enjoying your cup of coffee. They have an open kitchen counter which gives the glimpse of how food is being created so the hygiene conscious need not to be worry about the cleanliness.

Food Talk

Before starting my meal, I stole a few moments with the owners of cafe, Dhruv Chawla and Aanandita who revealed that they are putting their best foot forward to fulfil the dream of Dhruv’s dad, Anil Chawla. During an official trip, when he saw juice and health bars abroad, he dreamt of setting up one in India.

Having heard so much about the idea and the kind of food served here, added to the curiosity to try it. From their expansive menu, I decided to try three juices and one smoothie – Get Fruity With It, Happiness Fix, C-nergy and Odd One Out. Flavour of watermelon dominates the flavours of ginger, grapefruit, peach and mint in Get Fruity With It, Happiness Fix was a sweet concoction with ingredients like red apple, mango, pineapple and basil, C-nergy was refreshing with flavours of pineapple, orange, green apple and amla and Odd One Out was thick in consistency with a beautiful amalgamation of red apple, blueberries, raspberries and yogurt. The uniqueness is there is no added sugar in any of these juices and as they are freshly squeezed using the cold-pressed technique, the aroma and flavours of the fruits and vegetables remain intact.


Next I opted for their Quinoa Burger and Basil Pesto Pasta. The burger was served with air-fried potato wedges and sundried tomato and yogurt dip. The patty of the burger was made with quinoa and sweet potato. The flavoursome patty was crisp from outside and soft from inside. The burger was juicy and comes highly recommended. Basil Pesto Pasta was made from scratch. The spaghetti was made from whole wheat and tossed with exotic vegetables in basil pesto sauce. I really liked it.

The portion sizes are quite generous. So, before ordering make sure you have enough space in your tummy or be ready to share your meal with your friends.

My happiness knew no bound when I got to know that they have a special dessert platter. The platter was full of sweet surprises like Sugar Free Brownie, Carrot Cake, Diet Vanilla Pound Cake and Pumpkin Cupcake. As there is no added, Brownie was soft and one can relish the original flavours of dark chocolate. It is a must try for dark chocolate lovers. Carrot Cake was sweetened using dates with a hint of cinnamon and spices. Diet Vanilla Pound Cake was made with moistness of cottage cheese and stood to be the star dish for the evening. Pumpkin Cake prepared with the pumpkin puree was also awesome.

Where: Getafix, Greater Kailash 1, M Block

Cost for two: INR 1,000 plus taxes