Just Introduced: Terrace Bar and Bistro

The idea of dining under the stars, admiring the beauty of moon fascinates me a lot. But in the metropolitan cities where we prefer living in an apartment, it has almost become impossible to cherish a meal on a terrace.

Just like me if the idea of enjoying a meal with someone special counting the number of stars and light of candle bright enough to admire the presentation of the food excites you, then Terrace Bar and Bistro is the perfect place for a romantic date.


Just Introduced: Terrace Bar and Bistro

Nestled on the third floor of a commercial tower in the commercial hub Gurgaon, the restaurant is a must visit for its awesome ambience. Enter the terrace and you are greeted by a live interactive kitchen on your right and you move further get ready to be mesmerized by their open bar counter, beautiful tank pools and luxury velvet couches with vibrant big cushions and large round tables with a candle on them. Get ready to be bowled by the charismatic enigma of this al fresco ambience.

Food Talk

Just Introduced: Terrace Bar and Bistro

The menu serving Indian delicacies has been curated by Chef MP Bhandari.  Of the lot, I started my meal with a variety of starters – Paneer Reshami Seekh, Punchpooran Khumb, Dahi Ke Kebab and Soya Reshami Kebab. Punchpooran Khumb with its distinctive flavours stood out to be the clear winner whereas Soya Reshami Kebab was a little bland as per the taste of the Indian palate.  Soft and tender Dahi Ke Kebab and melt-in-mouth Paneer Reshami Seekh proved to be a good choice. The starters were accompanied with a trayful variety of papads and chutneys along with masala onions.

I always love my meal paired with a perfectly churned out drink. Out of the plenty of cocktails and mocktails on offer, I decided to opt for Watermelon and Mint Martini and Frozen Aam Panna Mojito. Watermelon and Mint Martini is an amalgamation of vodka with mint leaves and dash of lime, shaken with fresh watermelon juice and Frozen Aam Panna Mojito tastes just like an old-home style Indian panna but with a twist of white rum, mint and mojito syrup. I was more than happy for choosing these drinks.

Next to arrive was the main course comprising of Dal Makhani, Makai Palak and Paneer Makhani with a besket of assorted breads. Dal Makhani had the specific burnt taste which we get when it is let to simmer for hours on low flame and the buttery flavour along with it tasted heavenly. Makai Palak was pleasing enough to opt for a second portion but Paneer Makhani lacked the flavourful taste of tomato and butter.

However, what impressed me the most was the dessert – Moong Daal Jalebi. The piping hot jalebis were served with rabdi and the sinful taste of the dish was the perfect way to end the hectic day.