Budding Flavours: Pamphilos, Greater Kailash 1

Remember those winter afternoons preparing for mid-term exams while basking in sun munching on our favourite dishes? My happiness knew no bounds, when I got an invitation to relive my childhood days by nibbling world cuisine sitting at the beautiful terrace of Pamphilos. Located in the posh Greater Kailash 1, N Block, Pamhpilos means friend for all.


Budding Flavours: Pamphilos, Greater Kailash 1

The interior of the café that spreads over two floors have been artistically done. It is an amalgamation of different themes where one wall adorns a beautiful picture of a lady whereas another wall is decorated with books. Other walls are left cemented or bare with bricks to give it a rough warehouse look. With a swanky bar, comfy sofas in sauve grey and yellow, attractive floral couch, a private area and a romantic setting at the terrace it should top the list of must-visit restaurants. There is no doubt that when  winters will be in full bloom, the cosy terrace will prove to be a perfect place to enjoy a cup of coffee while reading a book.

Food Talk

The expansive food and drinks menu has everything that you can expect from a good café. I chose to start my gastronomic journey with something warm. I opted for chef recommended Cream Of Mushroom soup. It was rich in cream and tasted heavenly. Next on the table came Caesar Salad.  The croutons were oozing crunchiness whereas lettuce tossed in Caesar dressing with parmesan cheese on the top was the epitome of freshness and it proved to be a good option to begin with.

Budding Flavours: Pamphilos, Greater Kailash 1

As they have plenty of options on their menu, I also didn’t shy from trying as much as I could. Falafal Roll, pita stuffed with hummus, onion, bell peppers and lettuce, was juicy and pleasant on the palate. Cheese Bombs were amazing as a bomb of cheese explodes in your mouth as soon as it enters, Mezze Platter was flavoursome and Roasted Veggies Pizza stood out to be star dish for the evening. It was perfection combination of crunchy crust and delicious toppings of roasted veggies.

Drinks for me are as necessary as food. I always make sure to try atleast two drinks. This time, I preferred Keep Me Cool and Minty Melon. Keep Me Cool was a perfect blend of watermelon, orange and mint where the taste of watermelon dominates other flavours. Minty Melon, constitutes of fresh mint, melon syrup and mango juice, was light and refreshing.

I was eagerly waiting for my food to get over, so that I can jump on their must recommended Crumbed Banana Caramel from the desserts section. Panko crumbed banana was lightly fried and served with vanilla ice cream. I could not have asked for a better way to round off my meal.

Where: Pamphilos, Greater Kailash 1, N Block

Cost For Two: INR 2,000