Just Introduced: Public Connection, CP

Life is all about making connections with people. And as I love being a social butterfly, meeting with new people and making connections comes naturally to me.  So, when I got to know about this concept cafe, Public Connection, which enforces two basic principles of my life – a conversation over the food – I decided to visit it at the earliest.


Just Introduced: Public Connection, CP

The interior of larger than life cafe is beautifully done. A well-thought interior traces the various mediums that connect us since the evolution of mankind like social media, telephone booths, maps, radio and globe. Different walls are dedicated to different mediums of communication. The cafe that spreads over two floors including a terrace also has private dining rooms with themes ranging from sports to political, from retro to industrial and a few more. Just like the captivating decor, presentation of drinks churned out at the huge bar is equally interesting. The poison is served in a variety of unique glasses like pitchers as telephone booths, popcorn glass inspired from Hollywood, trophies, oil cans and multi-coloured jars to name a few.

Food Talk

Just Introduced: Public Connection, CP

After making connections with the public, it was time to treat my tummy with some delicious meal. Impressed by the ambience, I had high hopes from the food. First on the table came Paneer Chatpata Tikka followed by Soya Seekh Kebab and Chilli Mushroom. Paneer Chatpata Tikka was soft and flavourful but taste of black pepper dominated the real feel of relishing Soya Seekh. It was too dry that I had to gulp it down with Public Connection Apple Slush, which is a perfect drink for the people with the sweet tooth. Despite being crispy, Chilli Mushroom was greasy for my palate.

To change the taste, I ordered Banana and Strawberry Shake. The thick shake made up for the food and again ignited by enthusiasm to try some more dishes.

I opted for White Sauce Pasta and Biryani. The creamy pasta stood out to be the star dish. For people like me who like less spicy food, Biryani is a must try.

All is well that ends well. Lip-smacking Brownie with Vanilla Ice Cream proved to the perfect way for the sweet endings.

Where: Public Connection, CP

Cost for two: INR 1,200 plus taxes