New Menu: Flluid, Mosaic Hotels, Noida

Life in a metro has become faster than a train. At times, we are so busy that it gets difficult to take out time to enjoy a proper meal, leave apart the luxury moments. During such a crunch situation we prefer to hog junk food like burgers, pizza etc leaving our taste buds craving for Indian flavours. Understanding the needs of the fast-paced life in Delhi, Flluid has introduced a new menu based on pre-plated concept. Executive Chef Vijayant Rawat and Executive Sous Chef Rakesh Painuli have worked together to curate this quick meal menu where they have tried to incorporate Indian flavour to the world cuisine.

It is not only the food, where chefs have tried to experiment, they have paid equal or maybe more stress on the presentation of the food which is presented in unique style like in antique iron, rolling base and rolling pin, shopping trolleys, cooker, shark face glass, hop side down glass and others.

After hearing so much about the food and presentation, I was anxious to try the food. The tasting session began with a welcome drink – Sweet Sunrise – a concoction made up orange juice and grenadine syrup. The flavour of honey dominated the taste of orange.

New Menu: Flluid, Mosaic Hotels, Noida

Next on the table came Gun Powder Infused American Corn Chowder. The warm and creamy corn broth with gun powder drizzled over it was amazing to taste. I also tried Achari Paneer Tikka Tart, Matar Mushroom Ke Taco, Caesar Salad and Mint Mayo Mozzarella and Tomato Panini. The tart was hard and paneer was too dry in Achari Paneer Tikka Tart. Taco stuffed with cheese and mushroom was good to taste and Caesar Salad was crispy and refreshing. Mint Mayo Mozzarella and Tomato Panini was stuffed with fresh greens and chilled mozzarella.

I decided not to miss the mini burgers in three different colours which looked very appealing. I never thought my excitement will turn to be a disappointment. My meal this time did not end on a happy note. Though certain elements in the menu were not at par to a five-star standard but what surprised me the most was its service. Despite my regular reminders about being a vegetarian they served me a non-vegetarian burger stating it with conviction that it is vegetarian. So, do check the dish that is served before picking your fork and knife.

Not happy with the overall experience, I tried to change my mood with a Gulab Jamun Cheese Cake, somehow sweetness of Gulab Jamun and not-so-pleasing cheesecake also failed to fill the void.

 Where: Flluid, Mosaic Hotels, Noida
Cost for two: INR 1,000 plus taxes