The Great Foodie Quiz

Is food the only thing that rules your mind be it any time of the day? Do you dream about food even when you are sleeping? As soon as you finish your lunch, do you start thinking what will you have in dinner? If answer to all these questions is YES then you should definitely take this food quiz to find out how well you know the food that you eat.

Here is an example for you:-

For example:- Fine long grain white rice hand-picked in the emerald green lap of Vindhyas and tender golden lentils that are gently simmered over the smouldering kisses of angels, served with dollops of fragrant clarified butter.

Ans: Khichdi

The Great Foodie Quiz

Now, let’s see how many can you answer:-

(a) Fine long grain basmati rice that carries the beauty and aroma of its native mountains spread over the bed of tender and juicy chunks of meat which are infused with the ethereal aromatic and flavourful spices of Lucknow, cooked by giving a Dum over low heat. It is nothing less than a feast in itself.

(b) Round wheat balls stuffed with powdered lentils and oriental spices and dipped in fragrant clarified butter are gently baked over dung fire of religious animal of India and it is served with skillfully roasted and mashed eggplant to give it a distinctive taste.

(c) Chilled yoghurt carefully diluted in a calibrated manner to maintain smooth consistency soaks in it the deep fried lentil dumplings and garnished with flavourful spices.

(d) Fine long grain rice soaked in hot boiling milk simmered over smouldering kisses of angels patiently for two long hours and sweetened with crystal white cubes of sugar, flavoured with skillfully chopped nutritious dry fruits.

(e) Soft fluffy spongy big yellowish cubes cooked by giving steam to the fermented batter of hand-picked rice and sparkling golden chickpea, garnished with fresh green coriander leaves, red hot chillies and small little mischievous black mustard balls fried in hot oil, served with naughty and tangy tamarind liquid.

(f) Flattened rice when dipped in water gets swelled are cooked with crackling mustard seeds and other flavourful spices to make it an easy and tasty fast food.

(g) Crispy, piping hot, round and round and round and round vicious red-orange tangerine circles cooked with sparkling white refined flour deep fried in the hot oil and then dipped in a swimming pool of sinfully sweet sugar syrup.

(h) Deep-fried soft and sweet dumplings made by giving nutritious milk solids a desired shape which are fried in hot oil and these balls are then soaked in fragrant rose sugar syrup flavoured with crackling green cardamom seeds and yellow-orangey strands of saffron.

(i) Paper-thin pancakes made from a thick paste by grinding long grain rice and shinning black lentils, cooked to lacy perfection on a hot griddle, made more flavourful by adding fragrant spices from South and mashed cook potatoes.

Answers will be revealed in the next blog. Till then, keep waiting and keep guessing 🙂