Festival Review: Thai Food Festival, Mosaic Hotels, Noida

The art of cooking a distinctive and aromatic meal that touches all four tastes of the tongue – sour, sweet, salty and bitter – is the essence of Thai cuisine. It is known for its step by step cooking where most of the dishes are generally cooked on a low flame.

Thai food has many striking similarities with Indian cuisine like localites prefer to cook various dishes in different utensils. They cook soup in a hot pot, curry in a curry pot and make salads using mortar and pestle. They also add a pinch of salt even in their desserts as salt is believed to enhance the sweetness of sugar

After reading about the techniques of cooking Thai food, I’m sure you also might be tempting to try some authentic Thai delicacies which are well-balanced in terms of nutrition. So, stop craving and head to Mosaic Hotels where their in-house chefs have tried to replicate the authentic taste.

Food Talk  

Festival Review: Thai Food Festival, Mosaic Hotel, Noida                                                                                  

The lavish spread started with Porpia Chae. The wafer thin spring rolls comprising of vermicelli and vegetables were crunchy and juicy. Next on the table came Tom Kha Pak. A spicy clear vegetable soup with coconut milk flavoured with galangal was not only delicious but also set the right tone for the mealathon to begin. Every Thai restaurant’s real test is to present a simple dish in the most exciting manner and Mosaic Hotels nailed it with their Som Tam. The spicy raw papaya salad was crafted with perfection and was tempting enough to opt for another serving.

Mains were also equally exciting as the starters. Phad Kraphawed Plik Sod (mushroom in sweet basil with fresh green chilly) tasted perfect with Thai Flat Fried Noodles and Khad Phad Kraphaw (spicy fried rice with hot basil). The star dish of the evening was their dessert – Coconut Mint Souffle. The apt sweetness in the soufflé added to the sweet ending.

Where: Flluid and Latitude, Mosaic Hotel, Noida
Date: February 08 – February 14
Timings: 11:00 am – 11:00 pm
Cost for 2: INR 999 plus taxes