Just Introduced: Hive Kitchen and Bar, Green Park

Apart from eating, the other thing that I love to do is non-stop chatting. But unfortunately, at most of the restaurants these days, it has become really difficult to combine the both. Loud music, long queues and a few other hindrances force you to eat quietly. But when I heard about a newly opened Hive Kitchen and Bar that encourages interactions over food, drinks and banter, the least I could do was go there and share my experience with you.


Nestled in the affluent Green Park Market, the restaurant is a brain-child of Abhinav and Abhishek Mathur. The brother duo wanted to come up with a place where people can sit down to enjoy a meal as well as enhance their networking. Hence, the interiors speak aloud of their ideology. Extensive use of hexagonal beehive motif all over the restaurant represents community bonding.

Just Introduced: Hive Kitchen and Bar, Green Park

Spread across two floors, this speakeasy restaurant’s lower level houses a cheerful cafe style eatery with informal table settings. It is still under construction and will be opened soon. Whereas, the upper level is the pub cum lounge with a grungy New York attic aesthetic, mono-cycle bar stools and industrial chic furniture. Besides dramatic cocktail mixing theatrics, look forward to being seated below a mesmerising glass ceiling with water trickling along its surface for mock-rain effect.

Food Talk

Taking care of the ever-growing health-conscious population, the menu highlights light bites and all day breakfast options that you can binge without coming out of your comfort zone. Going with the trend of comfort food, I started with Roasted Mushroom and Classic Tomato and Basil Bruschetta. The crispy bread was topped with goat cheese mousse spread and a variety of mushrooms like Oysters, Shiitake and Button which were cooked in red wine and herbs. The juicy mushrooms made me go gaga over its taste. Classic Tomato and Basil Bruschetta was refreshing. The next on the table came Arancini. The crumbed risotto balls were stuffed with Mozzarella and served with tomato and olive relish. As the risotto balls were oozing out cheese, it is going to be an all-time favourite dish of cheese lovers like me. Their Naan Pizza topped with Mushrooms, Black Olives, Jalapeno and Mozzarella Cheese is as good as any other regular pizza.

Just Introduced: Hive Kitchen and Bar, Green Park

As they are still waiting to serve potent drinks, I opted for their Clove Mojito. The mocktail was refreshing and soothing at the same time.

Creamy Mushroom, Water Chestnut and Nutmeg Mash Pie and Hearty Bean Burger served with French Fries are a must try options for the mains. The former is a complete meal in itself with a fresh crisp of water chestnut and creamy flavour. Whereas the latter comprises of a healthier version of the patty. The nutritious burger was huge and can give other burger serving joints a tough competition.

Do try their Red Velvet Cake, Chocolate Orange Cake and Classic Carrot Cake before leaving the restaurant.

Where: Hive Kitchen and Bar, Green Park

Cost for two: INR 2,000 plus taxes