Just Introduced: Pat N Harry, Hauz Khas Village

Hauz Khas Village is all about swanky restaurants apt for digging a hole in your pocket. But what about the days when we have small pockets? Shouldn’t there be a place where we can enjoy during the dry spell? It seems our prayers have been answered. Based on Philadelphia’s fast food and food trucks, Pat N Harry has opened its take-away outlet in the modern day village.


Just Introduced: Pat N Harry, Hauz Khas Village

A quaint little and chic outlet adorns beautiful red decor. But if you are planning to spend some quality time with your friends here then you will be disappointed as they have a limited seating capacity. It is best for the people who love their grub on the go.

Food Talk

The pioneers of launching the Hoagie in India have a very limited menu. But you must be thinking what is the hoagie, right? A hoagie is built-to-order sandwich with lots of pickled onions, sauces and a juicy patty sitting in between. Enough of gyan! Let me share what all I tried – Chilli Shocked Paneer Hoagie, Crispy Potato Hoagie and Chilli Cheese Paneer Taco.

Just Introduced: Pat N Harry, Hauz Khas Village

Chilli Shocked Paneer Hoagie was loaded with paneer and plenty of chipotle, green chillies, coriander sauce, mayo, cheese and fresh onion. The patty was crispy and bread soft and fresh. It was melting in mouth. Crispy Potato Hoagie was drizzled with mint and chilli sauce alongwith mayo. These hoagies are available in two different sizes – small and regular satisfying different ranges of hunger. As it was a hard shell taco, it got a bit messy to eat it but lip-smacking flavours made it hard to resist.

You can also make it a complete meal by opting for beverages and Philly Fries. I tried their Spicy Cheesy Fries which were dunked in chipotle and cheese.

If you are excited enough to try them, then you will be happy to know that they have recently opened shop in SDA Market also and will be coming up with two more new outlets very soon.

Where: Pat N Harry, Hauz Khas Village

Cost for two: INR 400 plus taxes