Just Introduced: Phone Booth Cafe, Hudson Lane

Hudson Lane has become a hangout adda for all the students studying in North Campus. It is known for some well-known eateries and some hidden gems. Despite having so many options, students are always in search of something new. Understanding the evolving culinary trends near the campus area, the restaurateurs – budding and established – have taken the charge to present some fresh and unique in terms of taste and ambience. Joining the same league is a newly opened cafe-cum-bistro Phone Booth Cafe.


Just Introduced: Phone Booth Cafe, Hudson Lane

Both the interiors and exteriors of the café have been intricately designed in line with the old world theme. Brick walls along with railings and archaic lamp posts find a prominent place. There is also a small and cosy private room in the cafe designed exactly like a 1950s phone booth with a rotary dial phone hanging on its wall. The English windows and cafes painted on the wall adds to the charisma of dining in this pocket-friendly cafe-cum-bistro.

Food Talk

The menu offers a variety of cuisines. I decided to pick a dish from all the sections. To begin with, I opted for Nacho Salasa Chaat, Afghani Soya Chaap and Paneer Tikka. Nacho Salsa Chaat was given a Mumbaiya twist with their home-made spciy salsa sauce and drizzled with melted cheese, I loved the amalgamation of Mexican and Mumbaiya tastes. Afghani Soya Chaap was stuffed with paneer and dry fruits and was oozing out flavours. Soft and melt-in-mouth Paneer Tikka tasted the best with green mint chutney.

Just Introduced: Phone Booth Cafe, Hudson Lane

Next on the table came Pesto Cream Pasta and Thai Green Curry with Rice. Pasta tossed in quintessential Genoese sauce made from European basil, cream,garlic, pine nuts, parmesan cheese and olive oil was quite a meal in itself. I was happy that I preferred Thai Green Curry with Rice as chef here knows how to the spell the magic of authentic flavours.

Did I tell you that I also tried that Banana Split shake? Loaded with cream and choco-chips, the shake was a perfect blend of bananna, chocolate and strawberry and tasted heavenly. I have also got a scoop for you guys. Soon they will be adding more shakes to their menu and one of them is Blue Banana.

Don’t forget to wrap your meal with their Triple Chocolate Chunk and Walnut Cake. A slice of walnut cake loaded with chocolate comes with a scoop a vanilla ice cream with liquid chocolate sauce drizzled on it. Stop drooling! Go and dive into a pool of chocolate as you relish each bite of this cake.

Where: Phone Booth Cafe, Hudson Lane

Cost for two: INR 800 plus taxes