​Budding Flavours: Kitchens of Asia, Gurgaon

There is no dearth of eating joints in today’s modern village aka Gurgaon. Everyday a new restaurant opens challenging the existence of its counterparts. But what matters is carving a niche for yourself in the crowd. And you know whom we think has mastered thy art? It is none other than Asian fine dining restaurant Kitchens of Asia. With every passing day, it has evolved in terms of taste.


​Budding Flavours: Kitchens of Asia, Gurgaon

Red and black colour dominates the interior of the restaurant. Hanging lanterns, tall wooden chairs, live teppanyaki grill and Buddha artefacts lends an elegant touch to the decor.

Food Talk

The food journey started with their signature Sushi Rolls – Trio Season Roll and Crispy Kabuki Avocado with Crumbly Tanuka. Trio Season Roll was  oozing out Philly cheese whereas cucumber, asparagus and carrot were providing that apt crunch. Crispy Kabuki Avocado with Crumbly Tanuka also tasted equally good.

​Budding Flavours: Kitchens of Asia, Gurgaon

Next on the table came Crispy Spinach with Spicy Potato Fries. The spinach leaves were crispy as they were deep fried with tempura batter but tasted bland as per my Indian taste buds. However, it was complementing well with the spicy potato fries. For something more substantial I opted for Thai Red Curry and Sticky Rice. The curry was a perfect blend of assorted vegetables, red chilli paste and creamy coconut milk.

The poison that made my evening worth was Takumi and Royal Dynasty. Takumi – combination of beer, smbuca, lime and mint – was refreshing.  Royal Dynasty – the vodka-based drink – was infused with elderflower blossom, rose water passion fruit juice and Shirley Temple. Definitely, I will be visiting KOA again for this sweet surprise.

Where: Kitchen of Asia, Gurgaon

Cost for two: INR 2,000 plus taxes