Product Review: RiteBite Protein Chips by Naturell India

Intentionally or unintentionally we end up eating something which is not good for our health. Many a times, we are stuck in a situation when we have no other handy options available. Like, it is common to stuck in a traffic jam post office hours, the time when hunger is at its peak. What do we generally do?  Without thinking about the calories start hogging our favourite crisps. Another example is when we find our fridge empty, we reach out a bag of chips and gain fat and calories. But imagine what if your much-loved munchies turn healthy? Snacking on them, instead of adding fat starts providing protein to our body? Amazed? So were we!!

Product Review: RiteBite Protein Chips by Naturell India

When we first heard about the RiteBite Protein Chips by Naturell India, we couldn’t believe that this is absolutely a guilt free snack. So to check the reality we decided to taste them.

We loved the crispiness and the amazing taste. These neither baked not fried chips are palatable. These hot air puffed chips are available in three amazing flavours – Cheese and Jalapeno, Spanish Tomato and Minty Chaat. They are multigrain (made up of oats, wheat, soy, ragi, gram, corn and rice) and protein-rich. They have thrice the amount of protein content as compared to other corn chips or nachos and three times lesser amount of fat in comparison to fried namkeens available in the market.

Product Review: RiteBite Protein Chips by Naturell India

So, before you go and grab a pack of these delicious chips, let me once again recount the benefits of eating them. These 100 per cent vegetarian chips provide 0 trans fat, 3 gms fiber and 10 gms protein.

Tempted enough? Go and start munching the RiteBite Protein Chips that are available in the market for INR 40 for 45 gms packaging.