Just Introduced: Wolfgang & Co, Connaught Place

After making a lot of noise at The Grub Fest, Wolfgang & Co has finally opened its doors in the heart of Delhi – Connaught Place but with a limited menu. However, what really took us on a roll is that they have opened with the aim to promote the cocktail culture.


Just Introduced: Wolfgang & Co, Connaught Place

Plush leather windsor couches, contemporary wooden panelling, posters of alphas like David Bowie and Pablo Picasso and marvelous sculptures gracing the walls render a heavy look (read: old-world whiskey bar look) to the interior of Wolfganag & Co. What makes it really stand out from the others is introduction of the concept of a secret society of alphas! A small yet quaint stage bang on the entrance speaks aloud about this idea. We have heard that this stage will be a perfect platform for many jazz artists, comedians and even jugglers. So, get ready for a heavy dose of entertainment.

Food Talk

We were welcomed with their signature mocktail shots – Fizzy Kokum, Spiced Jamun, Filled Jalapeno and Monsoon. Soon after gushing the shots, we realised spicy twist to the purple fruit is THE DRINK we were looking for from such a long time. It was refreshing and that extra fruity punch surely did some magic on us.

However, we are still drooling over their whiskey-based drink, The Chocolate Man, that comes loaded with chocolate and marshmallows in a quirky skeleton glass.

Just Introduced: Wolfgang & Co, Connaught Place

Moving on to the salads and starters, we liked their Argula Apple Celery Salad. The flavour of the caramalised walnut that were playing hide-n-seek with the celery was geling well with the apple. Do try their Mushroom Galauti as it came highly recommended by owner (Kuldeep Chhabra) himself. The melt-in-mouth galauti having a taste of smoked mushrooms has become our all-time favourite.

Next came the Mediterranean Sandwich with the exotic veggies resting on the fluffy bread. It was a meal in itself as the portion was quite generous. We will be definitely going back for their Marinara Pizza. The thin-crust pizza had toppings like amaranth leaves, sun-dried tomatoes and olives among others.

If you are of experimental types then do try their Hyderabadi Rissoto. We loved this modern (we mean to say cheesy) version of khichdi. You can also try their Paneer Pasanda which is served with portion of dal and baby naan. It was also equally good.

We would also like to give a thumbs up to their Chocolate Coconut Gateau in the desserts which has a thin layer of coconut spread on moist chocolate cake.

Where: Wolfgang & Co, Connaught Place
Cost for two: INR 2,100 plus taxes