Just Introduced: Mumbai Matinee, Shahpur Jat 

Noida-based Mumbai Matinee has got a sibling in fashion hub, Shahpur Jat. Following the legacy of the first outlet, it stands true to its name. Every element in this quintessential restaurant resonates and captures the essence of rich history of bollywood.


Just Introduced: Mumbai Matinee, Shahpur Jat 

Hiding in a secluded lane, Mumbai Matinee pays tribute to hindi retro classic film era from 1950s to 1990s. Smartly used props like cassettes, mics, movie posters of both well known and lesser known stars greet you once you climb the long flight of red stairs. The shiny bulbs oozing out yellow light complements the red coloured walls. The relaxed charm and the serenity that the restaurant and its surroundings provides is worth a visit.

Food Talk

The menu comprises of quick bites with a unique twist in each dish. The authentic taste to the dishes has been tweaked to please the unique palate of Dilliwallahas. We started with Missel Pav. The traditional missel was replaced with black chana. What we liked about the dish was its chatpata flavour.

Next on the table came Hara Bhara Kebab and Mumbai Matinee Special Footlong. Kebab was melting in mouth and oozing out flavours and footlong stuffed with paneer was also equally pleasing.

Just Introduced: Mumbai Matinee, Shahpur Jat 

We also tried their Pao Bhaji and Mushroom Risotto. If you have been to Mumbai, then you will definitely be looking out for that authenticity. So, you can skip this dish but their risotto comes highly recommended.

Do not forget to try their Brownie Shake which is a meal in itself. The rich and thick shake with a brownie dunked in it in nothing less than a sin.

Soon, they will be introducing their dessert menu, so till the time keep on craving for the same. However, we were lucky enough as on special request, the chef got some brownie drizzled with chocolate sauce and pancakes for us. So, you can also try your luck!

Where: Mumbai Matinee, Shahpur Jat 

Cost for two: INR 1,000 plus taxes