Just Introduced: Cafe OMG – Oh My God!, Connaught Place

Soon after making some noise in the South Delhi with 3 Pegs Down and in the West Delhi with Garam Dharam, Umang Tewari is back in action in the heart of Delhi with his new baby Cafe OMG – Oh My God! We recently visited this cafe cum bar based on heaven and hell theme to find out how it is different from other restaurants opened in its close vicinity. Read on to find the striking differences.


Just Introduced: Cafe OMG – Oh My God!, Connaught Place

After climbing up two floors, you are greeted by a wall adorning the portrait of an angel and then you enter a larger than life restaurant dominated by golden hues and tonnes of cotton. The plush red sofas contrasting the golden table look pleasing to eyes. It is spread over two floors and a balcony – the first floor is dedicated to the heaven with bright lights and soft music and the second floor dedicated to hell has dark ambiance with loud music.

Food Talk

We kicked off the food journey with Peach and Jalapeno Pot Stickers with Spicy Soy Dipping Sauce. This super spicy dish despite being their specialty can leave asking for jars of water. We too were shaken after having it and decided to relax our taste buds with sweet Watermelon Mojito.

Just Introduced: Cafe OMG – Oh My God!, Connaught Place

The expansive menu has lots of starters to offer. We opted for Mini Falafal Disks, Sprouted Moth Ki Bharwan Tikki, Mushroom Galauti and Achari Vada Pav with Lasuni Chutney. We liked their Mini Falafal Disks where crispy falafal was served on a pita bread with hummus hiding between them. Their Sprouted Moth Ki Bharwan Tikki comes highly recommend. This healthy snack was the star dish of the evening. The melt in mouth galauti kebabs were served with small round chapattis and mint chutney. Do try it when you visit this cafe cum bar.  The vada pavs with achari twist is going to be a hit amongst who love tanginess in their food.

In the mains, we opted to go the traditional way and choose Makhan Wali Kali Daal and Kathal Aur Moti Ka Pulao with Burani Raita. The dal was cooked to perfection with no extra sweet taste and overflowing cream. The pulao with raita was also equally good.

As they will be getting their bar licence soon, so we will be visiting them again to team up the potent drinks with the menu and to try their desserts like Oreo Ki Kheer and Baklava Brownie Bombs.

Where: Cafe OMG – Oh My God!, Connaught Place

Cost for two: INR 1,800 plus taxes