Budding Flavours – Chatpata Bong, Dwarka Sector – 4

When city is blooming with expensive watering holes and junk food joints, restaurant like Chatpata Bong is doing its bit to preserve the age-old traditional Bengali recipes, albeit with a twist. Paying homage to the roots of Bengali food, this QSR is a triumph of home-style cooking over pretentious fare in an intimate setting that is anything but contrived. Plus, a decent meal here can be enjoyed at down to earth prices.

Chatpata Bong, a no-frills place with the minimal decor is co-owned by amateurs Mihir Dutta and his wife Sonali Dutta. The couple passionately cooks some amazing dishes under the guidance of renowned master chef AB Dutta, who has 40 years of expertise in the food industry. The alikes of American Ambassadors, CEO-GE (Asia Pacific) and CEO – BOEING are fans of delicacies prepared by master chef AB Dutta.

Small eyes of Dutta has always seen big dreams and to fulfil those dreams he has never shied away to put his best foot forward. Soon after his retirement, he started Chatpata Bong as a roadside joint. His dedication and passion paid for the hard work. The joint became an instant hit and within a few months, he opened his first joint along with his family members in Dwarka Sector – 4 market.


Budding Flavours – Chatpata Bong, Dwarka Sector – 4

The decor itself is warm with brightly lit space and the large glass panes let the sun rays spread some shine. This five table charming diner oozes character courtesy mementos depicting the true essence of Kolkata and quirky yellow chairs and black marble tables.

Food Talk

The expertise of the master mind in the kitchen reflects in the perfection of the dishes. Tickle the taste buds of the diners and to leave them asking for more, the restaurant serves a dynamic and different menu every day.

Just like any other Bengali home-made food, Chatapata Bong also uses a variety of spices like cinnamon, coriander, cardamom, cumin and a mixture of the typical garam masala. The taste of the dominated by another commonly used ingredient – mustard seeds – either in powdered or whole form.

Budding Flavours – Chatpata Bong, Dwarka Sector – 4

We have totally fallen in love with their Veg Ghoogni. This flavourful dish was made with dried white peas commonly known as matara cooked to perfection with boiled potatoes and myriad spices. It was served with bhujia drizzled on it. We also tried their Veg Chop and Veg Cutlet. What made us go crazy for these snacks is almost no-oil and freshness of the vegetables – beetroot, carrot, beans and potatoes.

ChattoriAunty highly recommends their Cholar Dal Narkel and Dhokar Dalna served with boiled rice. Lightly spiced chana dal with cocnut leaves a sweet after taste and lentil cakes swimming in delicious curry is a pure bliss.

We have also heard that they serve exceptionally scrumptious Mutton Kausa, Bhapa Elish, Grilled Promphet, Prawn Jhol, Crab Masala and crispy and flaky Mughlai Parantha.

Don’t forget to end your meal with juicy and spongy Rosogulla and Misti Doi.

If by any chance, you are allergic to mustard oil, just like us, then they can present you dishes cooked in vegetable and soyabean oil.

You can also try their North Indian delicacies like Vegetable Paneer Salsa, Dal Maharani and Soya Malai Tikka to name a few which are specially prepared to satisfy the dominating Punjabi community residing nearby. We tried most of these dishes and loved each of them.

Where: Chatpata Bong, Dwarka Sector – 4

Cost for two: INR 500 plus taxes