Festival Review: Hyderabadi Food Festival, Kama, Radisson Blu, Kaushambi 

The essence of Hyderabadi cuisine lies in use of a wide repertoire of rice, wheat and meat dishes and the skilled use of various spices, herbs and natural edibles.

The cuisine emphasizes the use of ingredients that are carefully chosen and cooked to the right degree and time. Utmost attention is given to picking the right kind of spices, meat, and rice. Therefore, an addition of a certain herb, spice, condiment, or a combination of these adds a distinct taste and aroma. The key flavours are of coconut, tamarind, peanuts and sesame seeds which are extensively used in many dishes.

Tempted enough to try this cuisine? Head to Kama, Radisson Blu, Kaushambi and experience an enchanting tryst with the authentic flavours of the food of the Nawabs. Drawing inspiration from the royal recipes of the yore, the Chef has picked up an eclectic selection of exotic dishes.

Food Talk

Festival Review: Hyderabadi Food Festival, Kama, Radisson Blu, Kaushambi 

The lavish spread began with Channa Dal Tikki and Buttermilk as amuse bouche. The flavourful tikki melted in mouth soon after entering and the buttermilk was garnished with ginger.

Next on the table came an array of starters – Vegetable Lukhmi, Begum Bazar Ka Subz Shammi and Paneer Charminar Tikka. The crust of Vegetable Lukhmi was wafer thin and the filling was a scrumptious mix of the vegetables. The chef revealed that as the lukhmi is deep fried, it turns out to be a bit oily. Begum Bazar ka Subz Shammi stood out to be the star dish of the evening with a crispy coating of panko bread gram. Soft and succulent shammi was oozing out flavours and tasted the best with the mint chutney. Paneer Charminar Tikka was also a good option to try.

Their Tomato Nariyal ka Shorba comes highly recommended. This warm savoury – a combination of grated coconut with tomato shorba  – set the right tone by increasing the appetite for the mains.

Moving to something concrete, we had Bagara Baingan, Khatti Tarkari and Paneer Rizala with Khameeri Roti. Small brinjals were stuffed with peanut and coconut paste and cooked in creamy paste tasted amazing. Khatti Tarkari and Paneer Rizala were also equally good.

Their lip-smacking desserts still leave us salviating. Khubani Ka Meetha – a compote of dry apricots and sugar syrup – and Dil e Firdaus – bottle guard simmered with milk and sugar syrup just like kheer – were the perfect dishes to round off our meal with.

Where: Kama, Radisson Blu, Kaushambi
Date: on till July 3
Timings: 07:00 pm onwards
Cost for two: INR 2,000 plus taxes