New Menu: Cafe Delhi Heights, Noida

Nothing can beat the taste of rich desi khana. This could be one reason, we have seen many restaurant resorting back to the old-school dishes. And one of them is Cafe Delhi Heights, Noida. They have introduced a Noida Special menu – Something New In Noida –  which is full of Indian surprises.

Food Talk

The new menu takes things up a notch and transports you in a state of food nirvana. The beautiful description of each and every dish hooked us tight and left us salivating till we took a plunge into their Mom’s Buttered Cottage Cheese Masala, Punjabi Palak Chholey and Buttery Black Lentils served with Kulcha, Jalapeno Biryani and Caper Raita.

New Menu: Cafe Delhi Heights, Noida

Melt-in-mouth cubes of cottage cheese dunked in thick and creamy tomato gravy was scrumptious. We loved their innovative Punjabi Palak Chholey. The white channa was cooked to the perfection in flavourful palak. Our favourite daal makhani came with tadka maar ke and we could easily see cumin seeds dancing on top. Did we mention we could not resist after the first serving and opted for second…third or we must say till the generous serving in the bowl got wiped off.

But what took our heart away was Corn on Cob. Come monsoon and we will be going again to relish the corn cooked on direct fire and flavoured with lime, salt and chilli.

Go ManGO

Mango lovers don’t forget to dig into their Mango festival serving specially crafted dishes using the king of the fruit as the main ingredient. The festival is on till June 30.

Meanwhile the restaurant eagerly waits for the liquor license, you can try their virgin version of mango margarita – Mang-O-Rita. This traditional margarita drink is given a fresh twist by adding fresh rose petal to cool down the summer shine.

New Menu: Cafe Delhi Heights, Noida

We also tried their Dasheri Bruschetta and Delicious Quesadillas. Small cubes of mango, tomato and basil came resting on a buttery garlic toast and you can image how delectable they were as they we hogged them within the seconds of its arrival. Quesadillas stuffed with Chaunsa mango, Cheddar cheese and bacon was also a good option to try.

The ending was as usual sweet with Mango and Cardamom Brulee. The marriage of caramalised smart sugary notes and tender texture of aamras made it the star dish of the evening.

Where: Cafe Delhi Heights, Noida

Cost for two: INR 1,500 plus taxes