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In Conversation: Anuj Rakyan, Owner, Raw Pressery

Summers are beating down upon us. Indians – especially up north – are facing the wrath of the harsh sun. We’re dehydrated, fatigued and feel lazy. To keep ourselves active and going, staying hydrated and eating… Continue reading

In Conversation: Dinesh Arora, Restaurateur

Everybody loves to dine at a place which promises quality ambiance along with serving lip-smacking delicacies. Dinesh Arora, who credits his love for food to his foodie family, understands this need of the consumers all… Continue reading

In Conversation: Matthew Radalj, Mixologist, Niche

Hailing from Perth, Western Australia the creative driving force behind the service and beverage program at {niche} Lounge and Bistro – a brainchild of Tarun Arora – Matthew Radalj knows the trick to… Continue reading

In Conversation: Kabir Jeet Singh, Co-founder, Burger Singh

His father told him that if he didn’t stop chasing tail and get a master’s degree, he would end up flipping burgers for a living. Today, after a few degrees from a top… Continue reading

In Conversation: Chef Nishant Choubey, Dusit Devrana

Chef Nishant Choubey of Dusit Devrana needs no introduction. This young boy from Bokaro entered food industry in 1996 and since then there has been no looking back. He rose to fame after… Continue reading

In Conversation: Pushpinder Singh, Founder, TravelKhana

Travelling by train has its own charm. The hustle bustle of the station, the thrilling sound of the engine, praising beautiful sceneries running along the train, knowing about the history of the tracks… Continue reading

In Conversation: Capt Deepak Dahiya, Co-founder, YumBox

You love to binge on fast food, but you also want to watch that weighing scale. And then there is that deep-seated fancy that some day you will shift to organic food and… Continue reading

In Conversation: Raghav Verma, Co-founder Chaayos

If we had a national drink, then meri favourite chai would have definitely been it. Come hail, shine or rain, tea lovers will never say no to a hot cuppa at any time of the… Continue reading

In Conversation: Umang Tewari, Restaurateur

He’s the big fish in Delhi’s hospitality business. Big Fish Ventures’ founder, restaurateur Umang Tewari – who began his journey in the hospitality industry more than a decade ago – has changed Delhi’s dine-out culture. Several popular… Continue reading